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A Visual Inventory

Crowdfind lost and found software integrates into your website and mobile apps, making it easy for your customers to find their lost items at any time of day.

Easy Item Upload

In less than 5 second, your staff can easily log Lost & Found inventory with the Crowdfind SnapIt app.

Inventory Manager

Your staff can track all items, customer claims and shipments from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Featured Story

  • 67%

    Return to Owner Rate

  • 934

    Items Returned to Owner

  • 90%

    Cell Phones Returned

Better Customer Service

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Lost and Found Software

3 Things Your Customers Want That You’re Probably Not Doing

Let’s face it, customer service is important. In our modern world, social media offers individuals a powerful microphone for voicing their opinions about an organization. If you offer poor customer service, your customers will let you (and their friends) hear all about it. …

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